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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Final answer - irrevelant. In 40 years of driving, I've never lost a component prematurely due to lubricant failure. I must be using one of the many approaches that work.

I have never lost a component either! I also never blew a that means all those tire lawsuits were bogus using your logic!

Never rebuilt any engine because they all ran perfect,even with mineral oil....what you still use apparently! I passed all vehicle emission NJ. Ran several cars I bought used at 100k to over 200k. No big deal!

You would have one heck of an excuse if you lost an engine to a lube failure being in the line of work your in! I just use common sense. Hard to believe a guy using Synlube has common sense.........isn't it!

I used to change the oil in my cars every 2,000 miles to maintain them,even when I first started driving at 17. Common sense told me that!

About 10 years ago I started using synlube......common sense told me then...that it made sense!

I didn't keep doing what the 17 year old boy once did(i.e. keep changing oil)- I moved on to the future----the present!! I Haven't been wrong Yet,and my engines have all proven that!

Use whatever lubricant you desire for your engines,but don't state or imply that my choice is foolish when I know better than anyone on these boards other than a few.......that my approach,and the product I use works...........BECAUSE I HAVE THE EXPERIENCE USING IT!

I don't care if you're 150 years old with five PhD's.........your still not an expert nor in the forefront of the lubrication industry. You're just a guy with a job/career like me!

The only thing I have seen from you Lamont are some well written,and sometimes bizarre meandering rants regarding your opinions that give no substantial facts about lubricants nor any real statistics.

You seem to be against anything other than the old standby, because to you a car is a worthless piece of junk and should be treated as such...or so you imply! It's nothing more than a 'grocery getter'...says it all.

For what it's wife's car is the actual grocery getter, and also the pay check getter....and my car is just the paycheck getter!! VW is the standby grocery getter, or whatever getter! The other equipment also running with synlube perform other purposeful functions.
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