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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by Trajan:
Ah, what nonsense...... It isn't for AD to confirm or deny claims that the US Navy uses the swill.

Being that he isn't claiming they do.

Why not? Ad has been telling us what his Dad uses and thinks,and also what his Uncle thinks and/or does/did!

I used to work on my Dad and Uncles cars..... not just oil changes,that was the easy part! They both came to me for Info,not the other way around...and my dad was a tool and dye maker to boot. I had spent more time under the hood and chassis of my own car than behind the wheel because I had always bought very used cars with good engines,and fixed them up,and I was pretty good at it all around! Still am if all the tools,but not much to fix with new cars.

Well Ad,we've heard about your dad,and we've heard about your uncle........Now let's hear what your other Uncle is doing...............UNCLE SAM!!!
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