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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by Miro Kefurt:
Well then it is you who must be buying SynLube since the e-mailed orders also end in

The purchasing agents email ends in fantastic. Email me their name and I will look them up in global.

Shell does not have to sell lubricants directly although they can if they choose. Any GSA contract holder carrying any of shells products can carry them in their catalog. For Pennzoil (a shell product) the Gov can purchase 10w-30 from:

1. Capital supply, inc,
2. Mensch Mill & lumber,
3. Veteran Logistics inc,
4. Complete Packaging & shipping suppl,
5. Supplycore inc.

This is the 1st 5 I see listed on a non-secure site anyone can access. All of the above vendors hold a GSA contract and can sell motor oil and any other product they carry via said contract.

I am looking at what would be considered small purchases $3k and below although contracts can be awarded for substantial higher amounts.