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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by Taterandnoodles:
I should add re-refined is closed loop meaning its kept in the stock system making it readily available and meeting the required mil-spec.

It does not mean the Gov only uses re-refined oil. My example above is not re-refined and products produced by shell, exxonmobil, castrol and even smaller companies like Royal purple and schaeffers are available from 1 quart to 55 gallon.

Good read,Tater!

This part of the read is what many people don't realize.

"Laboratory tests on the finished lubricant cannot determine any difference between the highly re-refined base oil and virgin crude base oil.
Re-refined oil is equivalent in every respect to oil produced directly from crude oil. It undergoes the same comprehensive testing and meets the same quality standards as virgin lubricants"


Of course, the same would apply to genuine synthetic oil being re-refined,just like crude oil.