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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Read the claims !

1.) We have never anywhere made any claim that military uses SynLube.

2.) The claim and fact is that NAVY MEDIC units use SynLube in disposable (500 hour rated service life) YAMAHA generators since they do not want to deal with every 25 to 50 hours required oil changes, just to messy I guess for a field medic - so they equip them with SynLube and forget the oil changes.

Sometimes when they have to move in a hurry they even leave the units behind as they are just not that valueble to them - at least that is what I was told.

They als tell me that in Afganistan they by the time t gets to the field pay as much as $600 per Gallon of DIESEL FUEL and $800 per Gallon of Lube Oil so SynLube that needs not to be changed in small equipment is a real bargain and after all it is US taxpayers money that is saved.

3.) SynLube is Re-Processed Lube oil and qualifies for all the grant programs that were originated by Executive Order by President Clinton.

4.) We do not supply any re-refined oil as as was pointed out there is no request or stock number for SAE 5W-50

SO there

The price for 1 L of SynLube from virgin components is $32.00 per Liter retail

$50 is for the re-processed 1 Liter Initial Fill and you the taxpayer pays for the difference $18.00

None of that is a secret either but the fleets that use it (that get Federal Grants) we keep confidential since more than once they were bothered and hastled by other oil co sales paople and promoters when they find out they use SynLube.

Just today one of the Fleet Managers called me telling me someone is trying to offer him FULLY SYNTEHTIC "re-refined" Motor Oil for $20 for 5 L bottle (it is apparently shipped from Africa !!!)

That should be the focus of your investigations - real scams !!!