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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by inHaliburton:
Originally posted by Trajan:
Kirk old boy, it's not me who claims the military uses synlube, but your Geppetto who claims it.

Geppetto, once again, made claims that he can't back up. And again, performs the synlube shuffle. And hangs himself, yet again.

My only surprise is that the other puppet isn't here attacking those who question him. Cut the strings perhaps?

For the past 3 or 4 pages that I've read, Trajan has contributed nothing in the way of information, or anything approaching being intelligent. Just your usual negative remarks, name-calling, insults to Capt. Kirk, Miro and myself.

Trajan, if my safety depended on you being on watch, I would be messing my pants.


In some respects,Trajan actually has contributed quite a bit,albeit,unwittingly.....that his factory approved "swill"(his term), FAILED!!!!

He has informed us that 'factory approved' oil isn't so good......because his car uses oil(my cars use...none on synlube),and all the other MFG (oil related)issues I have shown with various links.

He slipped we he mentioned that he needed to use vain though,and his engine still uses oil,and loses power-- and I bet more than he revealed!

He also admitted that his valve timing system is in need of repair,no thanks to his 'approved oil'. He stated there is a very short life span for this system,something like 30k,before it needs work.

The vanos system issues I believe are mentioned in the above post. The heat cooks/cokes the 'weak' oil,etc,

Vanos failure is definitely oil related(oh,that pesky approved oil)

The Bottom line.....with all of Trajans arguments in favor of using factory 'approved oil' for months,and months to date..........TRAJAN HAS NOW FINALLY PROVED THAT HIS "FACTORY APPROVED SWILL"...........HAS FAILED HIM. He has proved my point quite effectively!

Also notice no denial of the engine issues that he has. Why........because it's true!

TRAJAN is like a natural Joe Biden.........always puts his foot in his mouth,and blabs away what he is trying to hide!

Joe Biden/Trajan-same thing!!