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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by Trajan:
The only VOAs I've seen show it to be either a 30 or 40 wt. None of the three could explain why.

As for a tearapart, it would probably show it to be whatever oil was on sale at Walmart.

Also notice no denial of the engine issues that he has. Why........because it's true!

Everyone has noticed you have failed to deny several times over-- your engine issues......using the so-called,FACTORY APPROVED OIL.

Walmart oil would never hold up for 70k in a buick engine. The engine would have seized up from sludge long before 70k. Thats why I used synlube for that purpose,and never had any issues with the buick riviera I spoke of.

However,walmart oil might explain your engine issues. I noticed you seem to like walmart.........and the oil they obviously sold you,which now explains your oil burning issue!!

How much did the dealer charge you for the engine work you had done??