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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by ADFD1:
Aside from using a qt of oil in 6000 miles, what is exactly wrong with Trajan's engine?

I read earlier today about a guy with a new V6 Honda who used a qt of the FF in 5000 miles. Does that mean his engine is bad Kirk? What if after 50,000 miles he continues to use a qt of oil every 5000 miles? I'll bet a weeks wages the dealer tells him its normal. You'll say he used the wrong oil and didn't follow proper break in procedure won't you?


Ad,what don't you get?

I use synlube and never burn any oil......EVER---IN ANY OF MY CARS/EQUIPMENT!

Trajan's car burns oil,yet my lawn mower burns no oil!

Trajan is a proven liar...he probably burns at least twice what he admits!

I also pasted all the bimmer links proving there is an issue with these engines,especially when run on 'approved' oil. Many are getting re-builds at around 100k.

Trajan has yet to deny any of these facts,including that he needed work done on his engine!

Ad quoted:
"I read earlier today about a guy with a new V6 Honda who used a qt of the FF in 5000 miles."


That is the first honda(especailly new),that I have seen use oil. What gives? Sounds defective to me,at least compared to the norm!

"The dealer said it's normal" Dah,what do you expect them to say....."Everyone in the USA gets a free overhaul,due to our defective engines using defective oil". Yeh,that will happen,sure thing!! lol

How often have motorists been told that a defect is......'normal',and just live with it! BULL IF IT WERE ME,I would be on their case with STB'S,recalls,secret recalls,MY LAYWER,etc.until the so called 'normal issue' was.......RESOLVED/FIXED/LEMON LAW,ETC BELIEVE ME!!

If I was burning a quart of oil every 6k with the factory fill/approved oil,............I would use different oil, Synlube,to solve the issue of burning/evaporation.