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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by ADFD1:
Kirk- If that Honda engine is defective as you say what makes you so sure Synlube will work? Oil can't fix mfg defects.

Lawyers, Honda has more money and better lawyers than most of us. Then there is the standard issue, blanket, industry wide excuse of a qt of oil used in 1000 miles is considered normal. You'd be banging your head against a wall while going broke paying a lawyer. Not to mention Honda calls for 5W20 not 5W50 unapproved oil.


The thinner Honda oil evaporates and sneaks past the piston rings.

The synlube has a much,much lower NOACK number,and seals the rings much better......just for starters.

No, synlube can't fix full blown mechanical defects,but it can compensate/alleviate certain design issues,including oil related issues.

Oil with a relatively high NOACK number will evaporate even in a well designed engine at a faster rate vs a low NOACK. Extremely low vis,and high solvents equates to evaporation losses,and oil use. This evaporation issue is not good for the emission system,and can possibly lead to sludge down the road in certain cases. At the very least it will not keep the system as clean as synlube.


Well Ad,looks like you're on to something with these Honda's burning oil.

Keep drinking the KOOL-AID------"only use mfg-approved oil"....and burn oil! Yeh,never second guess the mfg...and burn oil!! NOT ME..I KNOW BETTER!! Cool