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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

Originally posted by Trajan:
As shown by his own links, using the wrong viscosity leads to sludge. If Honda thought their engines needed a 50 wt, they'd spec it. simlube doesn't meet said weight though.

Honda makes about 14 million engines of all types a year. Every car at the 2010 Indy 500 was Honda powered, with no failures.

They have a solid rep as engine builders. Unlike Miro and the puppets.

As an aside:

Notice the number if Yugo engines listed.

Notice again, the number of Yugo engines. and the number of BMW engines. The M54 among them.

Choke on it puppets.

Every thread Abbott And Costello show up in turns to crap. Notice the pattern?

Glad you liked the ball analogy Kirk, I made it so you'd understand.

You can force oil to shear Kirk, especially if it is too thick for the application. I'll take what Honda specs as Gospel for their engines, before I listen to you. Following your logic maybe you and your buddy should go back to the secret location and add some tefflon and moly to 75W90 for your next batch of Synlube. Walmart has some in the automotive department, use that for a host/base oil. That's where you guys are getting the oil for Synlube isn't it?

BTW Kirk Seems BMW builds some nice engines according to the links Trajan posted. Hardly junk, have a look! Honda is on the list too, strange isn't it?