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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."


Ward's 10 best engines annually is based on emotional evaluation and a sometimes a test drive of a vehicle by Industry Magazine writers with approximate annual income of $40,000.

They are NOT engineers - or else they would never pick engines with built in mechanical flaws
They are NOT mechanics - or else they would not pick engines where you cannot access maintenance items
They are NOT consumers - or else they would not pick engines that are just plain too expensive to manufacture, and offer no measurable benefit over existing design already in production.

And their picks are littered with well problematic engines years down the road

Isuzu (General Motors) 6.6 L V8 engine Duramax Turbodiesel
Was the best ever engine - period in 2002

Now tell that to the owners in 2010 that experienced 100% failure of the Injectors and flooded their crankcases with Diesel Fuel (leaks into Motor Oil).

Tell that to those that had to spend $1,000's to fix the engines well before 100,000 miles on them and were fortunate not to seize them.

Tell the thousands of VW owners with their best engine why the engines sludge up, blow ignition cols and catch on fire.

SO only time tells how great something really is, and to me engine that runs reliably 40 years AFTER it has been designed and 26 years after it was manufactured is far better design and engine than one that is in the best car ever made that is in 7 years in a junk yard.

If money is NO object hen you can have the 10 best engines every year, just get new vehicle every month - but then if it is truly best (BMW) why does it depreciate to 33% of its original value in just one year of ownership ?

When the BEST does not hold it's value, how good really is it ?

To 82% of any vehicle owners (under 1 year) the BEST is what they bought, in 3 years only 42% think so and in 5 years it is just 13%.
Now if someone still owns and drives a same car 26 yeas letter they really really think it is the BEST and GREATEST EVER – whether someone else thinks so or otherwise is really irrelevant.