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Reply to "Oil Decision Time."

And, furthermore. If dino oil was so bad, the oil companies would not make it as no one would buy it. And auto makers would not spec it.

This back door attempt to sell synlube is inane. None of the more knowledgable/respected posters here are buying into it. Even one of its staunch defenders isn't using it.

This swill didn't fly at BITOG. No idea why it's still trying here.

Maybe because they're hoping that if they repeat the same undocumented dribble long enough, we'll all buy it just to shut them up?

And it isn't up to me or anyone else to test this swill. That onus is on the ones who push it.

The repeated failure to come up with any extraordinary evidence to back the extraordinay claims can only mean that they know it's junk oil. But can't admit it.

We want data. Not anecdotes or testimonials. The proof that NASA uses it. The proof that the Oakland PD used it. The proof the US military uses it. The proof that it doesn't sludge even known sludger engines.

All those claims have been made. And no evidence to back them.
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