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Reply to "Sludge"

Originally posted by Rickey: TurboJim, this auto-rx product costs $27.97 a bottle and it says that I would need 2 bottles of auto-rx which would be about $56.00

It also says to use a 3 ounce Maintenance Dose after the Clean and Rinse Phases are over, since a bottle of auto-rx is 12 ounces that means a bottle of auto-rx would be good for about 4 oil changes, that comes out to $7.00 an oil change. Why is this product so expensive and have you used this product with success in removing sludge from your engine. Can you tell us how you heard about this auto-rx product.

I visited there website and it seems like nobody is really posting on the forum they have on there website.

You are saying that auto-rx is a product that is worth consideration, but is it worth using.

Why is this product so expensive? It's my understanding that esters are costly, and that is primarily the make up of this product. Auto-Rx has changed their formula, or blend if you will, addressing some of the limitations it had in the past. The pour point is lower and ARX is now compatible with synthetic oil. The new formula should work quicker than it had it the past.

You are correct there is very little traffic on their forum these days.

I found out about ARX several years ago when I was searching for a product that would stop oil leaks. I have seen ARX fill up an oil filter with sludge that I didn't otherwise know I had in the engine. Other products might be capable of doing this as well, I've not tested them all.

I have little experience with the new ARX product and the old product is no longer available. I understand your reluctance to spend so much on a product you had never heard of before. If it were me I'd probably buy a single bottle, if I saw results then perhaps more later on.

Regardless of how you decide to procede to remove the sludge in your engine you should service the PCV system. One that is not functioning properly can be the cause of your problem.