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Reply to "Sludge"

Originally posted by RobertC:
While a "one and done" is certainly to be looked at with discretion, you do make the point that anecdotes are not data.

So, glowing endorsements aside, what data is available for ANY cleaner beyond a simple visual evaluation?

Now that I've thought about it for awhile, I'm not really sure. Unless you tear the engine down, just looking under the valve covers isn't enough.

Dropping the pan would tell you more I would think. But there would still be areas you couldn't see....

I think that abnormal oil pressure would be a clue. Lower than usual, low oil light triggered.

I've heard that MMO lowers TBN, and can drop the oil a grade if added to replace 25% of the oil. (From their own forums.

I'd rather just use quality oil like M1 0w-40.