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Redline HTHS compared to M1

5W-30 3.8 (M1 3.08)
10W-30 3.8 (M1 3.17
5w-40 4.6 (Silkolene 4.07 & 10W-50 5.11)
10W-40 4.7
15W-50 5.8 (5.11) (Silkolene 5.23)
20W-50 6.1

Redline is approx 65% ester Silkolene approx 20% and M1 10%?

So any better than a good synth PAO?

As you are using synlube do you have VOA or UOA as they do not make available (why? they can post on web site)

I'm intrigued by the fact that you can recycle base stock and just replenish additives - what is this base stock and if so good why is in not used in aviation instead of ester.

The filters sound interesting do you have a link?

The discussion re Synth oil life study was interesting but got nowhere.

Any info use in Rally as Motorsport would be a testing ground.