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Reply to "Synlube"

Houckster, I frequent BITOG and am one of those that posted about synlube from your prompting.

I shared investigative testing on synlube here years ago. I have also shared what little I know about the products at BITOG.

I am not totally "down" on the products as I have seen proprietary oil analysis data of the products after use.

No one attempted to poo poo you, you had a chemist and physicist, Molakule, give you sound reasons for why he was skeptical, not dismissive.

The basic theory of formulation that is used is a old nazi/ eastern block turbine lube designed before many of the adds and baseoils where available to protect the pitiful metallurgy used in those years and countries.

From reading Callisa, he/she is automotive only and may not be old enough to remember the reasons for the formula.

You are obviously convinced on the attributes of the synlube products and are currently using them. Get some oil analysis work performed by a lab and analyst that can properly interpret the results on your car and truck. If it tests well then enjoy, if it tests poorly be willing to change course.

Quit arguing and see the results for yourself.

Post those results at BITOG and prove the worth of the products.