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VW Castrol SLX Longlife Overview for OCI
9k or 12mths or Longlife 30k 24mths about 5 times shorter than synlube and 3+times shorter than 100k best case (Callisa anymore details?)

LongLife Regime.
To obtain the most benefit from the LongLife service regime, the car should to be generally driven in a style/condition of use listed below
• Mainly longer distance journeys.
• Limited number of cold starts, engine is kept at operating temperature over a longer period of time.
• Daily mileage above approx. 25 miles.
• Constant speed.
• Vehicle used regularly.

Time/Distance Regime.
It your is driven in a style of use listed below, it may make sense to opt for the Time/Distance regime.

• Extremely uneconomical driving style ie continual maximum acceleration ie "foot to floor"
• Vehicle fully loaded
• Mainly short journeys.
• Frequent cold starts.
• Frequent hill climbs.
• Frequent towing.
• City Centre driving