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Reply to "Synlube"


First time I've noticed solids used in convential oil other than Synlube.

Elf Molygraphite 10W30 Engine Oil (3 litres)
Exclusive lubrication technology from Elf... incorporating solid lubricants of graphite and molybdenum disulphite. Available in 3 litre pack.

Key Features
Viscosity rating of 10W30.
Provide excellent thermal and oxidation stability.
Reinforced with dispersing and detergent properties.
Superior anti-wear properties.
High shear stability ... providing optimum lubrication at low and high temperature.
Suitable for all gasoline/petrol engine from 600 cc.
Noticeable decrease in wear and tear due to cold start, especially in the morning.
Better lubrication at all times increases engine efficiency, better fuel consumption.
Maintain engine in silent operating condition.
Added protection from graphite and molybdenum provide better protection and increase reliability of moving parts.
Keeps engine in clean under all operating conditions.API: SJ