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Reply to "The Effects of Ethanol on older vehicles"

Originally posted by Deltona_Dave:
Thanks for the info BigBear. I have never used MMO, but picked some up today on way home. I usually put SeaFoam in the OPE gas. Usually about an ounce per gallon. MMO is about half the cost and I have heard good things about it.

I did notice that Sta-Bil marine states on it's label that it protects against ethanol.

How much MMO per gallon do you suggest for OPE?

BTW, my truck is Flex-Fuel capable, I just run Techron in the fuel, every Oil Change.


Dave, I usually add 4 ounces of MMO to 10 gallons of gas, I put the MMO in at the gas station and then fillup, on the MMO Forum they said that Ethanol takes out some of the lubricity in the gasoline.

I think of Seafoam as a better cleaning product in the fuel than MMO, I usually add a bottle of Redline SI once a year and then use MMO at each fuel fillup.

I think once a cleaner like Seafoam or Redline SI, or even Techron is used, that continual use of MMO will keep everything clean and lubed.

I see you are using Techron in the fuel at each OCI, it is a great cleaner, just not sure how well it keeps things lubed.

Same thing with Seafoam, again I think of this as more of a cleaner than a product that will keep the fuel system lubed, but you could call up the Seafoam tech line if they have one or visit there website.