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Reply to "The Effects of Ethanol on older vehicles"

Originally posted by Deltona_Dave:
I will try the MMO in my mower (4 stroker) for lubricity and also in the 2-strokers (with my regualar oil mix)

My truck is ethanol rated, so I figure the engineers know what they are doing. MMO is pretty cheap, but what will it do to multi-port fuel injection systems?

Aw Heck, my Titan is out of warranty anyways, I will try some in the tank.


Dave, I have been running MMO in the fuel on my Marauder now for about 10,000 miles, and it is fuel injected. I noticed after the 3rd tank with MMO in the gas that the car was more responsive and I did pickup about 1 m.p.g. in fuel economy, but I do drive this car very conservatively.

To answer your question about what MMO will do for multi-port fuel injection, it will keep the fuel injectors clean and free of carbon, this is important because if your fuel injectors go bad it is not cheap to replace the fuel injectors, your truck is a Titan, I believe this is made by Toyota. For fun, and if you have time, call up the dealership where you bought your truck and talk to the Service Advisor, ask him how much it costs with parts and labor to replace all of your fuel injectors, I am sure it would be between $400.00 to $500.00

A 32 ounce bottle of MMO is about $4.00 with tax, so if you put in 4 ounces of MMO each week when you fillup, you could go about 8 weeks which is about 2 months, so if there are 12 months in a year and you use a bottle of MMO every 2 months, you would need 6 bottles of MMO which would come out to $24.00 a year, and if you save a little gas like I do then the MMO will pay for itself.

Let's say you drive 15,000 miles a year, divide 15,000 by let's say 20 m.p.g. so 750 gallons times $3.00 a gallon equals $2250.00

If you get about 1 m.p.g better fuel economy, 15,000 divided by 21 m.p.g. equals about 714 gallons, times $3.00 a gallon, that comes out to $2142.00

By getting about 1 m.p.g. better fuel economy you have saved about $108.00, not bad spending $24.00 to save about $108.00

Of course if you drive the car hard then you may not see a savings in gas mileage, all I know is every piece of equipment or car engine that I use MMO in the fuel I notice much easier and faster starts.