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Reply to "The Effects of Ethanol on older vehicles"

Originally posted by Deltona_Dave:
Yeah, the injectors are pricey. The Titan is E85 compatible, but I am trying MMO in the gas, just to see how it works. I am not worried about warranty (long out of). I have run Techron and Regane before in the truck with no ill effects. I use Chevron/Texaco fuel when I can.

This weekend, I am going to put some in my OPE, as that E10, dissolves carburetor gaskets in about a year. Tried Techron one time and was told it is not advised for 2-stroke air cooled engines. Started using Opti-2 oil in my 2 cycles. Stuff seems okay, smells like seaweed, but little smoke. I am using it at 40:1 and not their 100:1 recommended ratio. It is a little less expensive than the Stihl Ultra syn. 2-cycle oil.

Thanks for the info.


Dave, just remember it may take a few tanks with MMO to notice a difference, but there are some other benefits, one of them being easier starts.

Your spark plugs will also stay cleaner and fire better, I check the spark plug on my small lawn mower that has had MMO in the gas for a year and the plug stays very clean. I have checked the carburetor on my small mower and it is clean also.

The carburetor and spark plugs are also staying clean on my old car, so if MMO can keep my carburetor clean, then I have no doubt that it can keep my fuel injectors clean.