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Reply to "The Effects of Ethanol on older vehicles"

Originally posted by Deltona_Dave:
Big Bear,
Thank You. I am on my second tank with 16 oz of MMO in the Titan. I can tell the injectors are a little quieter. Have not noticed much else yet. I figure a few more bottles will tell.

It worked good on my cheap string trimmer this weekend. Normally, when it is hot, it takes 3-4 pulls to fire it back up (like after changing line). Now it fires up on first pull.


Dave, I have noticed the samething on my 2-cycle equipment and my lawn mowers, as well as my cars, they just start up easier.

16 ounces of MMO in your gas tank, that sounds kind of high depending upon how big your gas tank is, I would suspect that once you feel your fuel injectors are clean that a continual maintenance dose of MMO will keep them clean.

Instead of 4 ounces of MMO to 10 gallons of gas, you might be able to cut the dose down to either 2 or 3 ounces to 10 gallons.

Realize that if you stop using MMO in your gas on the Titan that overtime your fuel injectors could get some junk in them and start making noise again.

I was just wondering if you used a fuel injector cleaner before starting MMO.

MMO is working for me, glad it is working for you.