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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"

Originally posted by Charlene Blake:
Steve, mechanic or not, the fact is that there are Toyota owners who DID have engines develop sludge after using synthetic oils. In addition, Toyota owners who changed their oil every 3,000 miles have also had sludge develop in their engines. I am not sure why you would be compelled to deny what is fact.

I see that you cite a "small" number of occurrences. Are you referring to the number that Toyota gave to the public? Why do you think this is accurate? A Toyota executive says that Toyota counts those who have formally notified it...e.g. letter written.

Do you suppose all the sludge victims have written to formally notify Toyota? Before the CSP, Toyota blamed countless owners and encouraged them to trade in their sludged vehicles quickly. Do you think they wrote to Toyota? Why hasn't Toyota updated the number of sludge victims? There are over 1600+ owners who have found my rather obscurely-located online petition since full year after the implementation of the CSP. Has Toyota counted these individuals? What is the current number anyway? Do you suppose Toyota will tell us? Do you think anyone is overseeing this count?

I am sure that Toyota's mantra is "small" just like it's mantra is "this is an owner maintenance issue." I will tell you, Steve, the Toyota owners think there is much more to this problem and they are not happy about the "Blame Game" being played by TMC!

I believe you are right when you say that sludge is an oil issue. However, you have not taken into consideration the effect of these engines on that oil. You have not allowed for the possibility of a defect that hastens the wear of the oil. This is where I believe your theory is flawed.

I doubt I am alone....

Charlene Blake
Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution