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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"

One must laugh at the pathetic attempts by Charlene Blake to garner attention to these bizzare claims of malfeasance by automakers.
It clearly smacks of a neurotic obsession.
When challenged as to authenticity of these outragious allegations, she responds with diversion tactics such as this forum, and launches irrational tirades about how we are being mistreated by those who disagree with her rants.
One of her favourite expressions...."am not on trial here or elsewhere", is laughable.
Charlene completely ignores the reality re what she puts into the public view is always subject to challenge, and makes her own rules..."NO ONE CAN CHALLENGE ME BECAUSE I'M NOT ON TRIAL!!"
Well Charlene, in a sense YOU aren't on trial, but what you say publicly is on trial, and always will be.
No one, not even the inscrutable (???) Charlene Blake, can insist everyone bow down before her and accept what she says without question.
Especially when what Charlene claims is so outragious, so manipulative, so misleading, so full of untruths, so full of imagery, inference, and innuendo, as to be crying out for challenge.
Charlene Blake may not be on trial, but her campaign of lies certainly is.
And she has no right to suggest otherwise!!
When put to the test of truth, integrity, and rational objectivity, Charlene Blake's claims fail miserably.
Charlene, you have failed, and your failure to admit your failure is unquestionably your biggest failure of all!!