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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"

Ottobooster, my reply to Silverfox will give you the FACTS that you require. Here they are:

(Interesting enough, the person who has been most vocal against the "Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution: Toyota Engine Oil sludge" online petition with over 2,000 consumer signatures (and who has posted loudly against any formal consumer advocacy in this matter) is someone who also uses the words "speculation, rhetoric; thinly veiled, alarmist; and innuendo and inference" in so many of his posts.)


1) MILLIONS of Toyota and Lexus vehicle owners are affected by the premature demise of their engines due to ENGINE OIL SLUDGE.
2) The problem has been recorded online for YEARS by Toyota and Lexus owners with very low mileage
3) I carried on after several very vocal Toyota owners TRIED to get something done about this. My initial postings resulted in over 6,000 follow-up postings at Edmund's Town Hall (now Edmund's banned me from posting when an Ontario "regular" there who uses the same words as the above poster filed complaints---multiple ones. Seems someone was as the "gate" to make sure this issue did not result in a consumer backlash on Edmund's Town Hall.
4) The above did NOT work. This "cat" got out of the "bag." Thousands and thousands of Toyota owners assembled online in the now defunct "The Complaint Station for Toyota" and "" Toyota forum. You see, HACKERS made sure those sites did NOT stay up any longer. After all, TCS had over 10,000 postings on Toyota and Lexus engine oil sludge and the Toyota section of that site was THE MOST POPULAR POSTING SITE on the entire web site at the time of the FATAL HACKING! Moderators admitted to the sabotage going on there. Yes, quite the story!
5) Thousands of attorneys were consulted on behalf of individual Toyota owners who were FED UP with this unbelievable injustice! Then, a class action lawsuit resulted....even a Toyota owner attorney began to gather evidence in Idaho when she was callously brushed aside by Toyota when her Sienna developed sludge.
6) Toyota came out with the "Special Adjustment Policy" or "SPA" (sounds like a place to relax, doesn't it?) in February of 2002.
7) Very angry Toyota owners spoke out in Automotive News (a well-respected AUTO TRADE MAGAZINE) and told their horror stories.
8) Toyota came out with the "Customer Support Program for Engine Oil Gelation in April of 2002. Toyota PROMISED to repair or replace engines in the sludge-affected vehicles when satisfactory maintenance could be shown! Why, Toyota spokespeople said that the oil change receipts weren't that important and that only one per year was needed to prove maintenance.
9) I was interviewed and the subject of an article in May of 2002 in Automotive News magazine about how the web is used for AUTO CONSUMER ADVOCACY.
9) Mr. Bruce C. Ertmann at Toyota Motor Sales flew out to my area at the same time and met with me at my local Toyota dealership. He said he would be willing to get me another Toyota or another automaker's vehicle. He really didn't want to hear about the thousands upon thousands of other Toyota owners. However he did meet QUICKLY with a Highlander owner in Reston and PURCHASED BACK his vehicle with 12,000 miles on the odometer and SLUDGE at just one year old!!
10) Very soon after, Toyota owners began to report online and to me that Toyota WAS NOT HONORING ITS OWN PROGRAM for engine oil sludge. Though it stated it would repair and replace engines, the owners reported that it would not and "slammed the door shut" in their faces. This was documented time and time again.
11) I decided in March of 2003, one FULL YEAR after the CSP came out, to create an online Toyota petition for engine oil sludge victims. I wanted DATA to support the fact that Toyota owners were not being treated as Toyota says they were going to be and the fact that Toyota engine sludge was occurring in MORE than just the vehicles listed by Toyota CSP. I wanted to know what others were experiencing. Many Toyota owners report failed emissions testing and ABNORMAL engine oil analysis results (including excessive fuel in the oil, rapid TBN decrease, high silicon levels, and high nitration levels).
12) My petition began to be sabotaged immediately by someone using the same language the above poster uses, coincidentally. It was clear that someone did not want the DATA to come forth!
13) A nationwide CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT was filed after the CSP because Toyota owners were not happy about Toyota's resolution. This class action lawsuit was subsequently SETTLED QUIETLY BY TOYOTA!
14) The petition entries continue to confirm that Toyota dealerships are denying CSP claims and that it is not replacing the engines as promised.
15) The petition confirms that Toyota sludge CONTINUES in the newer models and some 2003-2006 owners are NOT HAPPY!
16) Toyota still has not resolved this problem for thousands who have been affected by engine oil sludge!

I will take the challenge of debating you on this issue! Show PROOF that the above 16 items are not FACT!

This is good 'ole grassroots auto consumer organizing. Seems some companies will go to ANY EXTREME to stop the same! Just how far will Toyota go online to see to it that the subject of Toyota and Lexus engine oil sludge is buried?

Your turn....

Charlene Blake
Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution: Engine Oil Sludge

P.S. Synthetic oil has NOT prevented the development of Toyota engine oil sludge in properly-maintained vehicles. It is a red herring to blame either the oil or the owner for this problem in a Toyota or Lexus. It would seem that Toyota and the "Toyota-protector" posters are just fine with the distraction away from TOYOTA, the company, though.