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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"

Originally posted by scotchnsoda:
I quoted Charlene Blake's post, above, and now would like to comment on it and others by the same author in this forum:

First question needing to be addressed is "Why is Toyota being singled out and badmouthed over any other carmaker?"
Are there no other auto manufacturers in this world?
Is Toyota the only auto manufacturer guilty of the sins alleged?
Why (and how) is Toyota any different than any of the the others? (clipped rest...)

Toyota and Lexus are "being singled out" because THEY have a MAJOR engine oil sludge problem that has NOT been properly resolved! THESE OWNERS are not interested in what other automakers are doing as they don't own these makes.

Yes, there are other automakers. What do THEY have to do with this TOYOTA and LEXUS ENGINE OIL SLUDGE PROBLEM? How will the problems in the other makes help THEM?

Let's remember that it has been TOYOTA telling TV audiences (and now online audiences) that its vehicles are above the rest, correct? Why are we now going to surmise that Toyota vehicles are "like the rest?" Toyota has made claims about the quality of its vehicles; it has not backed up these claims for the affected Toyota and Lexus sludge victims.

The distracting away from the REAL ISSUE has been going on for YEARS. If one thing is quite clear, it is that Toyota never planned to let its valued vehicle owners know the TRUTH about how engine oil sludge develops in its engines. It wishes to lay the blame with either the owners or the oil or the maintenance facility.

NOTHING has changed since the CSP was implemented by Toyota itself or since the Toyota and Lexus owners brought and settled the class action lawsuit. Toyota sludge is alive and well!

Charlene Blake
Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution: Engine Oil Sludge