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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"

Scotchnsoda, maybe you have had a few two many?

I am not a "prolific spammer" by any stretch. I am a VERY involved auto consumer advocate and have been for over a decade now. I think the auto consumer should receive JUSTICE when applicable. I don't mind speaking out about that. Nothing could be more true than in the Toyota and Lexus engine oil sludge matter.

I see that you, Ottobooster, and Steve came here expressly to respond to my postings...out of the blue? Interesting...

I am happy to continue the dialogue about Toyota and Lexus engine oil sludge and the horrible consequences of the same for the owners of these vehicles.

I am not going to be distracted about the oil or maintenance issues because the are NOT the most important factor in this case. The ENGINE is the most important factor and I have yet to see Toyota provide the owners with PROOF that this engine treats motor oil well! Indeed, I have plenty of proof to the contrary though, beginning with my own engine oil analyses.

Alas, no one at Toyota will recognize what these sludge-affected Toyota and Lexus engines do to the innocent oil or the innocent vehicle owner!

Charlene Blake

Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution: Engine Oil Sludge