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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"

Originally posted by silverfox:
(snipped first part) Next, she infers there are "Many low mileage Toyotas that were sludged"!!
Another outragious embellishment--not quite a lie but surely an irresponsible distortion of fact. (A lie, but by another definition perhaps??)
The only low mileage sludged engines came about as a result of neglected oil changes--and that's a documented fact!!(last part snipped)

Silverfox, please cite how you know that every low mileage sludged engine came about as a result of neglected oil changes! Have you personally noted all of them at Toyota? Do you work for Toyota or have privilege to see such documentation? Interesting that you make a global claim and yet you are not affiliated with Toyota at all! Wow!

Here is a FACT for you:

Toyota is selectively documenting just what it wants to! Do you suppose for a minute that Toyota has PROPERLY DOCUMENTED the occurrence of Toyota engine oil sludge in the wake of proper maintenance? No! It has gone to great lengths to avoid doing so.

You and Toyota know full well what kind of "selective documentation" is going on there! Toyota wants to have it down on paper that this condition is just caused by improper maintenance. This is simply NOT the case. You now it; Toyota knows it. Remember, I've spoken to Toyota owners over the course of seven years now. That's right...I stumbled on Toyota engine oil sludge back in late 2000 when researching information about BRAKE PROBLEMS (and susequently brake failure) in the Toyota Sienna minivan.

If you want to PROPERLY DEBATE this matter, please come out of the shadows to OPENLY discuss this matter. I'm happy to participate when you do. I do not resort to your kind of attack-posting, though. Be prepared to be civil in your dialogue; leave your emotion out of it.

Have you noted the new entries in my petition? The 2003 models and beyond are showing up there now. Other models (not included in the CSP) are showing up, too. Toyota has some explaining to do. Oh...let me is *only owners of CERTAIN MODELS* that do not properly maintain their vehicles????

Charlene Blake
Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution: Engine Oil Sludge