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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"

[QUOTE]Originally posted by silverfox:

Charlene said:--"Millions of Toyota and Lexus owners are affected by the premature demise of their engines due to engine sludge!!"

Where are the "affected millions" Charlene??

You know, the millions of owners you "implied" whose engines "demised?"

Or are you now changing the story to try and deflect your lie by suggesting these "millions" of owners got a letter from Toyota and that somehow "affected" them and caused their engine to "demise?"

Truth be told, the only one I know of now who is "affected" is yourself--although I'm not sure with what---(perhaps a genetic predisposition)---and I know for sure there's no cure.
Sadly, when your lies become that compulsive, I don't think there's much hope for any change in the condition. Bruce Ertmann would probably agree!!

Your feeble backpedal is a day late and a dollar short!!

You just plain lied--and got caught!


Next lie;....Charlene then adds this..." I
guess now you understand why these owners all signed on to a class action lawsuit."

So Charlene... are you now saying those "millions" of owners ALL signed on to a class action law suit???"

Sheesh---It gets better by the hour here!!
So THAT's where the "millions" of owners went.