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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"

I viewed that "petition" and naturally Charlene's name is the first one on it.

In the narraratives of each post many people said nothing of sludge! They complain of "check engine lights" and rough idle, etc.

And, many of these people bought the car used but claim proper maintenence.

AND, the best part is, NOT ONE specified the use of 100% premium synthetic oil since day one!

The point Charlene STILL cannot comprehend, is that is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to get sludge when using 100% premium synthetic oil. Charlene, do you know what IMPOSSIBLE means?

Many of those people on that petition who have had engine failure were those who bought the cheap oil at the cheap oil change place. And, many knew of a problem and drove the car anyway.

I stand firm that sludge is an OIL problem, and NOT an engine problem. Sludge comes primarily from cheap PETROLEUM oil, and lack of proper maintenence.

I have an extensive mechanical background. I have built and raced performance cars as well. I have seen, first hand, the difference between using petroleum oils and synthetics. No comparison.

Cheap customers have sludge because cheap customers buy cheap oil. This is reality.