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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"


Thanks for your common sense info.
Your advice for synthetic oil is a big part of a myriad of issues re sludge development.
I found this site out of curiosity because I have a Toyota product (which, like most owners,I'm quite happy with) and was just surfing.
When "paparazzi wannabe" Charlene Blake jumped in with that boatload of hype--mostly smoke and mirrors BTW--I decided to expose what was essentially a pile of lies and misleading inference.
I also did a google search on this person and found thousands of hits on literally every auto related site on the net!
It seems we're dealing with a person who, for Lord knows what reasons, has made a career out of bashing Toyota!
All of her efforts have a common denominator---mostly alarmist hype with little substance and absolutely no authenticity.
I also looked at her much touted "petition". What a joke that is--it's been active (if you consider active as barely alive!)for over 5 years and has accumulated an underwhelming number of around 2000 signatures!
I also noted a great many blank spaces throughout the thing--no signature at all yet counted as one!
That petition is mostly futility however, because it appears there's no way to verify any signatures as legitimate, and because there are no checks and balances to determine legitimacy--apparently a single person can sign as many times as desired!
If Blake has a legitimate beef with Toyota, I would respect that if she was the least bit honest in her condemnations, but she chooses to use cheap rhetoric and shoddy political hype in her obssession over that beef.
But she isn't being honest, and I'll challenge her every time she opens up with another one of her ill gotten manifestos---on principle!!