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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"

Backyard mechanic, great writing and so absolutely true!

Silverfox, isn't your claim that I am Backyard mechanic outrageous? I wish I could write as well!

It is interesting to note that you and my Toyota-protecting nemesis also misspell the exact same words over and over! Weird coincidence, I guess?

This whole issue of Toyota/Lexus engine oil sludge really gets under your skin, doesn't it? Well, it gets under the affected Toyota and Lexus vehicle owners' skin, too!

They do NOT like the fact that their engines are failing emissions testing, operating sluggishly or failing to operate at all, throwing rods, or catching fire spontaneously! They are just as hopping mad as YOU!

Many of the these owners are just like Backyard mechanic's dad...bullied into giving in and paying for an engine that should have lasted far longer! I've heard the stories time and time again.

Let there be no mistake...some owners have been ORDERED off the car lot when they report sludge in the wake of regular (no...superior!) maintenance!

Toyota doesn't want to document sludge in the face of good maintenance. If it did this, its whole cover would be blown, wouldn't it?

Toyota has made it clear from the start that this is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of its very negligent vehicle owners! Read the first letter that went out to the owners if you don't believe me. The Toyota and Lexus owners were stunned by the finger-pointing! Toyota's own admission, it is just certain Toyota model (and model year) owners that do not properly maintain their vehicles. Wonder what makes all those negligent owners go for the same Toyota models?

Silverfox, the Toyota and Lexus owners have been mistreated...given a faulty engine and then blamed for the engine failure. This is simply not right. Auto consumers see that clearly.

BUT...if it makes you happy to spew your venom on me and/or those I stand for, then go for it! Surely the administrator will take note of it, though.

Charlene Blake
Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution: Engine Oil Sludge