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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"

Silverfox, you have a "beef" with me. OK. Fine.

My online Toyota engine oil sludge petition represents thousands of Toyota owners who have a "beef" with Toyota.

The deleted postings on the petition represent *active sabotage* attempts by someone using the same language as you. You know, the "bluff and bluster" and "innuendo and inference" alliterations. Odd, don't you think?

I was told by Clarence Ditlow at the Center for Auto Safety in Washington, D.C. that the numbers of signatories on my petition is "significant." He should know since he has been in the business of auto consumer advocacy for decades now, and he has worked closely with Ralph Nader.

Together, Clarence Ditlow and Ralph Nader wrote a great book called "The Lemon Book" which is a must-read for any vehicle owner. The book does need to be updated to include all the online ways that consumers can fight back when there are injustices, though.

Silverfox, I take it that you would love to see my petition vanish? for all the Toyota sludge victims to simply go quietly away? for all the articles and postings by very concerned Toyota owners to disappear (as happened when several sites FULL of Toyota sludge victim postings were hacked and permanently disabled)?

Toyota needs you, Silverfox, to defend it against all those pesky Toyota owners who just don't know how to properly maintain their iron-clad (NOT!) vehicles! Little 'ole Toyota needs someone like you to frighten or intimidate these owners away from speaking out like I have! It needs you to put those Toyota owners like Backyard mechanic's dad in their places...make them feel they have no options but to give in to the corporate bullying.

Toyota calls this "Customer-Generated Media" management, doesn't it? Isn't there someone in charge of this new forum for Toyota owners to speak out? Gotta get a lid on it, don't you? Must keep the PR spin intact! Wouldn't want anyone else to be successful in organizing the dissatisfied Toyota owners, would you?

I am here to tell you, Silverfox, that Toyota owners have revealed to me that TOYOTA has lied to THEM...big time! Until you have spoken to as many Toyota owners as I have (via postings, e-mail, phone, etc.), you cannot relate.

Feel free to come here for the sole purpose of attacking me personally. It won't change the truth. I am not an anonymous poster who has created yet another user name in order to discredit someone speaking out about Toyota engine oil sludge. I am and will continue to be pro-consumer.

Charlene Blake
Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution: Engine Oil Sludge