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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"

Oh, I get it now. You wish to discredit me so that no one will believe that the petition is bona fide and currently applicable?

You hope that when sludge-affected Toyota owners do a google search for information that they will read your libelous statements about me and discount the *current* importance of documentation in the Toyota/Lexus sludge matter.

Won't happen. I'm not the one that got Toyota in this mess. It did it on its own. I am certainly not the only outspoken Toyota owner, and based on Toyota's actions, I won't be the last. Hey, just go to to see what I'm talking about!

PLEASE, if you experience Toyota engine oil sludge, post your experience online. If you have note failed emissions testing, a thrown engine rod, or a spontaneous engine fire associated with sludge, then file online owner reports with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Center for Auto Safety (tell Mr. Ditlow that I referred you), and (read all the angry Toyota owner accounts there!).

Proper documentation should start with a CERTIFIED letter to formally notify Toyota. No one knows just how Toyota keeps count of the sludge victims. Seems to be quite the mystery! Seems owner after owner after owner has simply been coaxed into trading in or selling their Toyota sludgemobiles before any formal letter-writing is done!

Backyard mechanic is correct in deducing that the numbers are far more than Toyota reports. This is a FACT! No one has recorded all the Toyota owner transactions after Toyota sludge crippled their engines. Many were scared into dumping their Toyota sludgemobiles after being intimidated by Toyota dealerships. The number of Toyota-reported cases of Toyota engine sludge is grossly underestimated. Period.

Check all the statements made by Toyota. The spokespersons said "very small" from day one. They have never bothered (maybe intentionally refrained from it?) to update that number post SPA and CSP.

One thing my petition and postings have done is to encourage the affected Toyota owners to DOCUMENT, especially with Toyota. Naturally, Toyota isn't interested in documentation that shows Toyota engine oil sludge in the wake of proper maintenance.

The AERA came out and hinted about this problem years ago. It clearly stated that the condition of engine oil sludge in Toyotas was noted even with proper oil changes. Toyota owners have been documenting this ever since, too.

Silverfox, your personal vendetta against me (you stated the same here more than once!) is misplaced in this forum. It has done little to deter Toyota engine oil sludge victims from reaching out to those who may have more information. Are you perhaps worried that current Toyota owners will be looking for this information? Well, you are right; they already are...have been well beyond the arbitrary 2002 Toyota cut-off.

Charlene Blake
Toyota Owners Unite for Resolution: Engine Oil Sludge