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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"

Originally posted by Ram_Camry_Victim:
I am a victim of 99 camry and the engine failed at 38,000 miles in september 2002 and Toyota didn't pay any penny to repair. It costed me 5,400 dollars to repair the same. I came to know about this just now and saw everybody bashing about Charles. I don't see any bad mouthing from him. As a victim of (once known for quality) toyota camry and paid over 5000 dollars. I am as mad as Charles and unfortunately I didn't get paid for my repairs by Toyota. Any suggestions on how I can fight over this as the 8 years is over and didn't see this petition or never received the glove copy for oil gel from toyota as I have changed my address few times in the last 5 years

Ram_Camry_Victim, you are far from alone. Many of the Toyota sludged engines occurred well inside the new vehicle warranty period. I know of some owners with only 12,000-15,000 miles when they first experienced sludge. One owner of a Rav4 had fuel in the oil and metal shavings at under 1,000 miles on the odometer (why aren't the Rav4 vehicles included in the Toyota CSP, many want to know?).

First, you must send Toyota a certified letter to formally notify it. The 3,200 sludge victims that Toyota acknowledges publicly don't count those who traded-in or never took the time to notify it. Do you suppose this estimate is a gross underestimate? Of course it is! Why, there are thousands who have signed the petition alone and most of these signatures have occurred beginning *one year after the CSP was implemented*. There are plenty of owners with vehicles not within the group Toyota acknowledges are sludge-prone.

File online reports, Ram_Camry_Victim, with the NHTSA and CAS (Center for Auto Safety). Call the hotline for Toyota sludge and ask it what Toyota is going to do for you as you were completely in the dark about the matter. It didn't help you when all the thousands of postings about this matter were stripped from internet searches. There were over 10,000 postings on this subject on "The Complaint Station for Toyota" but the site was maliciously hacked until it went down permanently back in 2004. Someone wanted this site down and down fast! Guess which company was number one in the number of complaints recorded there? Yes, Toyota was #1 on this complaint site at the time it went down. All this was due to engine oil sludge...

Ram_Camry_Victim, I am not surprised that you did not receive the infamous engine oil gelation letter. Many Toyota owners didn't---even those who have *not* changed addresses as you have. Mr. Bruce C. Ertmann, a Toyota executive I met with in May of 2002, said that the mailings were halted after lots of owners complained about the harsh, finger-pointing tone in the first letter. Then, Toyota issued a second, "softer" letter which still admonished Toyota owners for NEGLECT of their own engines. Not all the Toyota owners got this letter either, however. (It is interesting to note that Mr. Ertmann is now executive of "Consumer-Generated Media." Does that mean he has a hand in manipulating what is said about Toyota by Toyota owners???)

You could find the CSP information on Toyota's website intially, but it didn't take long for this information to be put in a location not easily found by Toyota owners. Many Toyota owners began to write to me saying that Toyota wasn't honoring the CSP at all behind the scenes. Engine flushes were being done, not engine replacements as promised by Toyota publicly. One Toyota spokesperson said that owners had to show at least one oil change receipt in a year's time, but dealerships made owners produce *every single receipt* before they would consider resolving the matter! Toyota owners have had to jump through hoops to get justice in this matter---and much of the time, they report that Toyota has loopholes to allow lack of follow through. No, Ram_Camry_Victim, you are not the only angry Toyota owner out there, rest assured.

If I were you, I would expect Toyota to resolve your matter. If it doesn't, I would enlist the help of any consumer reporter in your area that will listen to you. Imagine how many Toyota owners are slipping through the same cracks that you have slipped through! For Toyota, better you take the financial hit than it---it isn't willing to give up those record profits no matter what your pain isFrown

The facts speak for themselves as back yard mechanic has highlighted. This issue isn't about me; I am simply a messenger (well researched one). Can you imagine that I was accused of spreading this HOAX that is Toyota engine oil sludge and was attacked viciously on Edmund's Town Hall back in January of 2001? Do you suppose Toyota enlisted help in bashing the truth-seekers? Can you imagine the uproar when I stumbled on the "Engine Oil Sludge Policy" link on the Toyota Financial Services web page---in plain view for all to see???? Well, that link was stripped off the web page within 48 hours of my exposure of it! Yes, TFS had a SLUDGE POLICY long before Toyota initiated the "Customer Support Program for Engine Oil Gelation" in February 2002 (and again in April of 2002)! FACT. Period.

Ram_Camry_Victim, please keep us posted of the status of your case.

Charlene Blake
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