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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"

Ms. Blake, there are number of very serious inconsistencies in your post.

I hesitate to call them outright lies, but they come awfully close!!!

First of all, you consistently respond to vague and anonymous complaints on the web without asking for any verification, and on the basis of very little history or fact---why not??
Do you accept everything you see on the web without any questions, and arbitrarily assume everything is above board?
How do you know any of what you see is true and accurate?
To make the accusations you make with no real proof is wrong, and it's probably correct that you're fully aware of that.
Yet you always choose use any and all anonymous stories as propaganda for your ongoing campaign of misinformation and manipulation.

You say in your post that you know of "some" owners whose cars sludged within 10 to 15,000 miles.
Pretty vague statement---and have you actually verified that any of these "some" owners you "know of" are being truthful?
I think not, and I think you have kept that claim deliberately vague to hide the real truth!!

Then you go on to speak of "thousands" who have signed a petition--we assume you are referring to your petition, right?
That being the case, there aren't "thousands" of signatures in it---in fact there are less than 2000 signatures, because over 600 "signatures" are merely blank spaces being counted as "signatures".
You also fail to mention that your petition has been running for over 6 years---therefor it is averaging fewer than 375 signatures per year.
Is that something anyone can really brag about?

Next you talk about a site which existed for a short time during 03 and 04.
It was called "Complaint Station", and you claim there are "over 10,000 postings" in it, and suggest that it was "mysteriously hacked until it went down permanently".
Again, a gross misstatement of fact and deliberately vague misdirection.
That site was posted in 10,000 times all right, but truth be told it was dominated by less than 30 or 40 different individuals going back and forth about the sludge issue.
Mostly, the site deteriorated into a few individuals attempting to out insult one another--it was a totally gross experience and you know it!!
In fact, you were among the most prolific of those individuals posting there--you appeared there over 2000 times yourself!!
PLUS---the site was closed because the owners were unable to attract sufficient paid sponsors to keep it going.
The owners shut it down because of lack of funding, not because of any "hacking"!!
This was clearly stated in their parent website at the time.

You went on to rant about how "badly you were treated" by a site called Edmunds Town Hall.
Now now Ms. Blake, you know full well that's not the least bit true.
You broke the clearly stated rules at that site, and were banned for that reason and that reason alone.
You were posting under different usernames, and you got caught at it and paid the price, no more, no less.
And those who were there supposedly supporting your cause were a few very foul mouthed individuals who got kicked off with you because they were rude and insulting others who questioned your comments at the time

Ms. Blake, throughout your post, comments you made have a common denominator---they are all unsupported and vague inferences.
This is, and has been your trade mark style as long as you have talked about the sludge issue--no truths, just distortions and inferences.
There is no credibility in the piece.
As said earlier, I hesitate to call them lies, but they come awfully close!!
By definition, nothing of what you say can (nor should it be) believed!!!
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