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Reply to "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge/Failure"

Right!! I agree.

This forum is supposed to be about sludge.

Whenever anything is said on that topic, it is hoped it would be the truth; it shouldn't be used dishonestly, nor should it be used as propaganda by anyone.

Strictly speaking, contributors shouldn't tell lies.

Ms. Blake is not telling the truth by any means.

That has been shown time and time again.

She has lied repeatedly in her many appearances on the web.

It's very clear that Ms. Blake is using the forum as a propaganda tool to promote her crusade against an automaker.

If, as Ms. Blake claims, she wishes to be seen as a consumer activist, then she should start by being truthful and forthright in doing so.

Sincere activists with a genuine causes don't act that way, and don't need to.

Instead, her efforts are characterized by lies, misrepresentations of fact, distortions, and inflammatory comments with no substance.

That is why I choose to challenge Ms. Blake, and I will continue to do so until she becomes honest and forthright in her crusades.

Here are two more graphic examples of her dishonesty; these appear in her latest post(s).

First, she posts under a different username in the Rodney Fitzpatrick piece, above.
That post and her follow on post originate from the same location, and within minutes of each other!
This is no coincidence; it happens repeatedly in her activity on the net. (This is one reason why she was banned from Edmunds!!)

Secondly, she references "Toyota admits Millions of their cars are succeptible to sludge".
Nothing of the sort has ever been said by Toyota.
Yet another bald faced lie!!!!

These are two more very clear examples of the dishonest tactics she uses to publicize her crusades.
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