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Reply to "Truly which synthetic brand of motor oil is the best?"

Dinio is Mineral

For hot temperature performance an ester is needed, so RL Motul Silkolene use these in race oils.

Shell and Castrol use a more refined GIII with nearly as good performance as PAO but cheaper.

However fairly certain in top range motorsport oils these are GIII PAO and ester blended. The blend may produce a better oil as an overall package but difficult to tell but RL on paper would appear to be best.

With racing Fuel dilution can be a problem hence the 10W60 oils from Motul and Castrol.

These products are being used in extreme circumstances which are not normally needed in road cars.

As far as I am aware in Germany Sythetic oil has to be a true synthetic and not GIII, so German Castrol could be a better basestock.

Castrol also sell Magnatec which is mineral but with esters for start up protection, PAO's are not polar.