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Reply to "Truly which synthetic brand of motor oil is the best?"

Originally posted by Callisa:
Stay with ACEA A3/B3/B4 2002 oil qualities if you don't want to switch to API SM. I made some time ago a comparison in terms of testing limits allowed between ACEA and API SL. You will get for sure a better oil quality with ACEA. Wink
Thanks for the advice. I know my 29 quarts of 10w40 SL Durablend are ACEA A3 (the new SM is not Eek ).

Hey, here is a real winner:

Valvoline Synpower 5w40 Cool :
Mercedes Benz 229.3
VW 502.00 and 505
BMW Long Life 01
Zinc 1020 ppm
Phosphorus 900 ppm
Calcium 3300 ppm
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