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Reply to "XADO Atomic Oil w/rejuvenation"

Originally posted by Col.:
Guys , I Have been Using Xado For Many Years Now
Ret Army 23 years , I Now use it in my New Car & Truck Both Diesels , Works Great, But i Started Using Xado In My Gun Shop (gunsmith)
I Use it in all my High end Barrels. With Out Going Into a Long Detailed Test ,Lets just Say it Will Give The Barrel 1-5k more Shots & will Tighten Up The Groups . Also i Have Seen Up to
2-5 mpg Increase in both Car & Truck (3500 dodge) It Has never Caused any Trouble in the Cars . Now With all That Said ,I Have Never Used it in a Used Car ! So i Can Not Say What the Repair Is Or If It will ? Before i Forget i Also Use There Oil ! Outstanding Oil . I Now Sell All The Xado in My Store, Its Hard to Keep it on The Shelf ,It Sells Fast .... Try It You will Love It .

Best Regards

Do you sell the oils, or just the additives?

I'd like to try out Xado oil, but I can't find anyone that sells it online.