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I have 460 VG synthetic paper machine oil, which has turn a deep green color. It has left a film in the cone shape flow meters to the point that it is impossible to see if oil is flowing.
MPC color patch indicates a high level of degradation byproducts associated with varnishing.
We suspect a cross contamination with the new version of the same oil and compatibility problem with the additives, but distributor assures that that they have not supplied us with the new one yet.
Has anybody experience this problem? What solution you came up with to clean the oil.


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Maybe you have done so already but it would be helpful to get a complete oil analysis report done to show MPC reading (0-100) and ISO code. Maybe the analysis results will provide some insight as to what caused the green colour.

If the problem is simply oxidation byproducts and particulate then a kidney loop offline filter can be effective to clean up the system.

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