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Hi to everyone,

I have this case to discuss with you.
In a liquid ring compressor (Nash_elmo L-500 model 2BK1 282) that work in parallel with another equal compressor, when I speed up only one compressor (from 720 RPM to 890 RPM) the vibration on that compressor increase, and I see a dominant frequency at 4xRPM. During this operation I don't change the setting of the flow of the liquid ring.
This vibration is strange because I think that when I speed up the compressore without change the settings of the flow of liquid ring, the liquid ring it wuold be low and I hope to see a dominant frequency at vane pass frequency.

What do you think about?
This is the site where you can see the compressor.

Thank you.

Original Post
I think the cause of vibration is because you may have a higher speed in parallel with a low speed, that may provoque an output resistance at the output of the higher speed and returns a delta of your output back and is when vibration beggin; my recomendation is to turn off the one with the low speed just to try and verify this hypotesis.
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