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Hi All!

I see a lot of people are still doing this..

what effect would adding a lower BTU oil do to the cetane of the fuel?

what about the calcium or metal additives under injection pressure? would they lead to any injector coking?

Would particulates be increased?

What about the esters used for seal conditioning ( sewlling )? would they affect the rubber parts in the fuel pumps over time?

Lots of guys just say "use a two stroke oil"..isn't the polyisobutelyne in them "allergic" to high temeperatures, such as might be found in a common rail injector system pushing 20,000 PSI?

Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks!

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If you want to burn your oil, do it in a waste oil burner that's designed to burn it.

Burning oil in your engine will do nothing more than create higher emissions and particulate counts in your exhaust stream and probably contaminate your crankcase oil sooner due to higher soot levels.

If you want lubricity, use a lubricity additive. There are plenty on the market.
Thanks for posting up..

I agree with you, actually..I'm just asking for the purposes of research.. it's hard to find real answers on most forums, where everyone's defense of doing a thing boils down to " I've done it for years, with no problems", yet they've never done one oil, fuel, or emissions analysis, and still claim to be all knowing..

Anyway, thanks for the input..


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