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Hi all,

This is to justify my project proposal.. So Please let me know..

1. Are there any Viscosity index improvers (Lube additives) available in market to blend with ISO VG 10 Mineral oil?

2. If so will it be compatible with oil for long….

3. If i keep the mineral oil at constant temperature (say 80% of maximum working temperature) for a long period.. Will the property (as long as the temp. is constant viscosity remains same but i am asking about lubricity, adhesion etc..) of oil remain same or will it get change?

Thanks in advance...

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Hi, suggest you contact additive supplier for recommendations. Lubrizol,infinium or specific polymer supplier.
Subject of VI improvers is complex but would expect some viscosity stability at constant temperature under non shear conditions, however VI improved oil passing through hydraulic pumps and valves can impair the performance(viscosity)either permanantly or temporarily.
Over a time period in use in a hydraulic system there will be a permanant loss of viscosity.
1/If the oil is to be used as a spindle oil I do not see the need for VI improver.
Textile oils have other specialist requirements.
2/Hydraulic oil is selected, firstly for viscosity, pump manufacturers specify max/min and optimum viscosity, thus system running temperature then dictates the viscosity(also start up temperature)
Pump manufacturer will also state antiwear requiremnts by oil spec HL/HLP
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