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Hello everyone!

I'm new to Lubrication and i want to know more about Open Gear Lubrication. Specifically i want to kno how to compute for the amount to be sprayed in an open gear. Suppliers i think have their own formula in determining the amount of lubricant, does anyone know a generic formula? Thanks!
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The formula I have for calculating lube volumes for open gears goes like this:

(pitch dia of large gear times Pi Squared) Width = total square inches of gear

(total square inches times .004) / 16 = cubic inches to be applied every 30 minutes.

The premise of an auto lube system is to supply a small amount often and so if you take the volume and break it up even further and put smaller amounts on, it maintains a more even and consistent coverage, and you end up using less lubricant.

Any formula should be adjusted according operating conditions. Perhaps another more practical method than a formula leads you to determine the right amount of lubricant.
For example: tooth flank temperature, after lubrication determine evolution of temperatures in the working toot flanks, when the temperature starts climbing over a certain value record the time it took to get to that point and set it as the relubrication interval.

In Philippines, you can contact Roland Metelmann, he knows a lot about open gears. His cell phone is 917 880 2502
I agree with you Ricky, The formula that I put out is a starting point, as everything looks really good on paper, until you get into the real world. Just about every automated lubrication system that I have every designed using these formulas has had to be adjusted to take things like heat, speed, contamination, wash out, etc into consideration and have the volumes adjusted to compensate for these things.

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