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I would say the Z4 strikes a perfect balance between sporty and classy. I drive Ford's and Chevy's, and I would imagine, I would only be envious of the handling characteristics of your car.

The Z3 was the precursor to your car I believe, similar styling. Did you have any opportunity to compare the 2 vehicles?

Great looking car Trajan...Though I'm sure the resident troll, will simply call it a mid life crisis vehicle, like my Corvette is.

Have you had the opportunity to give it a good flogging on some twisty roads? Bet that baby really shines there.
I've never driven a Z3, but it is a nice, classic design. The styling of the Z4 was a bit of a controversy. You can have alot of fun in a Z3

A great many Z3s are still on the road.

Not too many twisty roads around here. But it really holds the curves.

The most useless things in the car are the cup holders. Right under the side vents. Really easy to break one with your knee getting out if you forget it's open.
Miro is hard to keep up with,all these different id,damn how many more he have? thats the question.
Still at the end of the day,mineral oil are still pretty good.Even if he scream otherwise,instead of some shady INTERNET page found with google we have real life to prove it.

Thats my ride,i dont know how to call that a crisis or a money pit ? Since ,i have seen young and old hitting the trail and having a good time Smile

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