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Depending on the software you are using the programs like the Entek (and others) have a built in look-up database. There are other companies that produce add on software packages like the Bearing Expert. If you are looking for a specific set of Inner Race OR Outer Race or Ball spin frequencies give us the manufacturer and the bearing number you might get a surprise.
I remember years ago that SKF and NTN and others were free to give up a floppie (way back) with this specific type of info. Contact the manufacturers customer support. Or one of your local bearing supply houses (speciality shops)

For determining bearing condition is best to look for bearing defect patterns. For rolling element bearings you have 4 defect frequencies: FTF (cage), Inner race (BPFI), Outer race (BPFO) and Ball/roller defects (BSF). Usually you will need to look for non-synchronous frequencies + harmonics. Each component failure will show a distinctive pattern. For example a BPFI will show non-synchronous frequency + harmonics, with sidebands at turning speed. Also the waveform “tells” a lot.
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