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I am new to this forum and I would like to communicate with the forum on aspects of the 'Snap Shot' I am so far self taught on this
piece of equipment. In general my company only uses it as a very basic tool, I want to extend its usage in order to get more usefull information on our rotating plant. I am stuck at present on acceleration as the kit only has
B.N. Velomitors and I have been told that these are no good for tracking acceleration as in our high speed gear box,s ? The other area that I am very interested in is for bearing orbit analysis. So if any one has been down that road and can help I would greatly appreciate it. Forgot to mention do not have access to the Snap Shot software package.

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testing acceleration using velocimeter is not good..but the velometor is an accelerometer with an integrating interface, so think it is not bad to use it.
other thing is that you can buy BN accelerometer kit.

Orbit is measured using displacement probe mounted on in the bearing. so it gives you the shaft position, or waht is called relative vibration.
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