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To everyone at BITOG, please except my apologies for all of my reckless posts and the dissing of Mobil 1 oil. 59 Vetteman has locked me off the board. Will someone please contact 59 Vetteman and tell him I am very sorry, and desparately need to get back on the board. Please tell him that I promise to clean up my posts and will take extreme measures to do so.

wavinwayne, I am sorry and need your help. ekpolk, I am sorry and need your help also. I have been extremely depressed ever since being locked off the board last night. My life is completely empty without BITOG. I feel like I have just been handed down a lifetime sentence to San Quentin. Guys please, I need your help.


Vance - AKA - GoldenRod
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I will convey your message to Tony. I hope it works out for you, but remember of course, he owns the forum, and I'm just a member too.

Remember when you post that often the words don't convey the full meaning that you would otherwise convey through facial expressions and subtle intonation with your voice. Tony's a nice guy who seems quite tolerant (hey, a couple of my less-well-considered posts have mysteriously vanished from BITOG, probably for the better...), but like anyone, he has limits. We need to respect that.

Goldenrod: Don't beg those guys, be a man and don't give them the satisfaction. I got kicked off BITOG too!! If they don't want my posts, I'll go somewhere else. If enough people leave, no more BITOG. I've never been kicked off a forum before and as far as I'm concerned, "G-MAN is a Harley weenie who buys his bikes so he doesn't have to use as much Viagra." I hope someone tells him that I said that too!!
Moderators have power and it sometimes goes to their head.
If you don't aggree with them, sometimes its best to ignore them.

I don't know what the big deal is about getting kicked of their site. If you have an oil question, ask it here. If you have a vehicle question, as it on a forum that is specific to your vehicle.

Also, you don't need to be a member to read any of the good 'data' that is there.
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