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Read our primer articles on High Mileage Oil, Synthetic Oil and Kinematic Viscosity

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There is no specific site for MSDS's. MSDS stands for material safety data sheet and are published for most every chemical product made. Many lubricant manufacturers list their MSDS's on their website, many don't. You can always call them or drop them a email and they will send you the MSDS for the exact oil in question. No two MSDS's are going to be the same for two different oils.
Boiling points and flash points are common meaningless arguments used during "my oil is better" debates.

I'm glad that someone mentioned Noack.

Visit your oil brands website for product data and MSDS info. Not all companies are forward or honest with data sheets and MSDS info.

And, not all data in those specs is useful!

My question is, why do you need to know the boiling point of oil?

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